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About Us


ZANN & DENN is a homegrown business that started out as a boutique specializing in made-to-measure fashion and evening wear. It is jointly owned and managed by Suzanne Chua and Dennis Koh.


With an international client base, ZANN & DENN has grown since 1997. We have included bridal couture, men’s customization and corporate uniforms as parts of our portfolio of successes. 


Paying close attention to every aspect of production, Suzanne personally keeps a close eye on every line drawn while managing the drafting and cutting processes. Ensuring that every stitch and fold is as close to perfection as possible. Dennis while handling the marketing aspect of the business, also pays great attention to his corporate clientele. Together, the company ensures that it is constantly improving the ZANN & DENN label.


ZANN & DENN is always learning and improving our works. Our latest accomplishment is mastering the art of costuming...... We hope that these skills will live on and not be forgotten..........



Our History


ZANN & DENN  is founded on August 1, 1997. Though the years, we have grown and learnt with our clients.....  we have grown from a business providing custom made corporate wear and cocktail dresses to evening and wedding gowns. We also provide personalize corporate services to companies looking to revamp their corporate uniforms. Our latest accomplishment is mastering the art of costuming....



Our Expertise


Zann & Denn specializes in Customization of ...


-  Corporate Wear

-  Cocktail dresses

-  Cheongsams

-  Evening gowns

-  Wedding gowns

-  Men's outfits

-  Corporate Uniforms

-  Costumes


Attention is paid on every single detail from fabric, measurements and fitting. 




Our Commitment


Providing Customizing service is no easy feat.... Attentions are focus on the fabrication, fitting and overall presentation... Patience, love for our work and appreciation from our clients have been keeping us working harder and becoming stronger  for the past decade and more..... Our aim is to make every client even more outstanding......

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